Thursday, 17 October 2013

Screen Printed Cloth

A while ago I did a sketch and worked up some printed cloth from it.  see blog  31 October 2012  ( Oh crumbs! That was almost a year ago)  Recently I  made up a  photoscreen from the same sketch and printed a length of cloth. This time I allowed it to develop in it's own direction rather than trying to replicate the colours from the original sketch.

The sketch

First layer of printing

Multi layered

The whole cloth - now I just have to sew it up  into something!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cottenham Summer School 2013

Textile Screen Printing Summer School 

They printed everything they could lay their hands on - duvet covers, curtains, T-shirts, bags, tablecloths, aprons, tea towels - in fact any bit of cloth that they had, was printed. They explored paper stencils, found objects, printing with various fillers and some did photographic prints.  Vast quantities of fabrics were transformed into fabulous decorated cloths in one intense, hard working, creative week.

I promised I would post some pictures as soon as the weather was horrible enough to give up gardening and do some computing.   And this weekend the weather is truly horrible so I have absolutely no excuse.  Here is some of the work done by the most wonderfully talented, inspirational and good humoured summer school artists!!!


There's lots more photos on my Flickr photostream  
Summer School 2013