Friday, 21 July 2017

Screen Print Street Child

Here's a great example of a project that brings two excellent charitable organisations together: St Philips Church Centre in Cambridge and  Street Child - a charity who provide educational opportunities for some of the world's poorest children.

A small group of people in the church wanted to do something that would motivate them get out the house and in contact with other people.  They also wanted to do something which would benefit another charitable group. 

Rob contacted Street Child who do really amazing work in West Africa and Nepal (check out their website: Street Child )
and asked them if there was anything practical the St Philips group could do to help.

Anyway, Street Child were doing a fund raising bike ride in Sierra Leone and said they could do with some flags to go on the bikes so that their logo would be visble to all. 

So we spent a few weekend sessions sampling, screen printing, sewing, glueing and..... ta-da, here is one of the 40 flags we made:

It was fun making these, even though the sewing part was a bit of a challenge.  Annie was the hero of the group and she was determined to get them done!

Here are some pictures Street Child sent us of the actual event.

And a comment from the organiser:  "The flags were a huge success on our bikes during the trip and they look great on our staff motorbikes too! "

Well done Annie, Kieron and Joe!!!