Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Screen Print on Textiles Course -Summer School

Breaking News: Cottenham Summer School brochures are out!  Lots of courses fill up really quickly and "Spectacular Screen Printing on Textiles"  is one of them. So, if you are interested, now is the time to book.  And if you're reading this in a few weeks time , give them a ring anyway, because people do drop out and it's worth putting your name on the waiting list. 

Here's the link for more details:
Spectacular Screen Printing

If you're uncertain about whether this course is for you, scroll down to previous blog entries and have a look at the wonderful work produced by students at Summer School last year.  This is definitely not a 'kit-form' class - you won't come out making the same prints that I make.  As a tutor, my aim is to encourage  each student to develop their own style.  And the studio nature of this class really gives you the opportunity to do that.

The great thing about Cottenham is that we have enough space to print some big pieces of fabric (think duvet cover/ quilt) or you can experiment with lots of smaller pieces.

If you're not sure that you want to spend a whole 5 days printing, then there is a Saturday workshop at Cottenham Village College on the 13 May.  Although I've advertised this as a class for beginners, people who have done classes with me before, know that they can work 'off-program' and persue their own projects. If you are a more experienced student please contact me in advance if you need me to bring any specific fillers etc.

Although this class is not up on their website yet (my fault for sending info late!), you can contact the college for an info sheet or to book  at  CVC community

 And finally,  "Small Scale Screen Printing" - on fabric:  Wednesdays- starting 1 March 17 see previous entry.

I've been playing with small screens and I'm excited by the possibilties.  What I like about them is that it's so liberating to work small:  

You can be so much more experimental and try out new ideas really quickly.  

And It doesn't cost a lot in materials or inks or time.

And it's much less tiring than working with bigger screens.   

And last but by no means least - they need so much less storage space!!!! 

More info at  Small Scale Screen