Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Screen Printing on Cloth

Impington Village College
Saturday 25 November
10.00am – 3.00pm

This is a new teaching venue for me.  As it's a building with a great design legacy,  I think this should bode well. (see here) 

I wonder if  Walter Gropius would approve of the spirit of experimental creativity or would he be turning in his grave to see such extravagant surface design?

Here is the class description:

Screen Printing on Fabric: The emphasis is on the experimental, creating simple paper stencils with small silk screens to create bold shapes and pattern on fabric. The day is aimed at those with some experience of screen printing as well as beginners and it is an opportunity to work in a studio atmosphere with tutor support.  An A5 screen and squeegee is provided for use during the day.

What you need to bring:
Apron & wear old clothes
Reference pictures to use as inspiration.
5/6 old newspapers
Notebook and pen
Paper cutting scissors / craft knife & board
Fading marker or dressmakers chalk (only if you already have one)
20 sheets computer / photocopy paper ( not recycled)
Cost of inks in included in course fee.

You will need to bring your own fabric to print on:  These must be 100% cotton. Polyesters and poly- cottons do not print well. I suggest you bring about two to three metres of white, 100% cotton fabric, preferably washed and ironed.  You may wish to pre-dye some of your fabric to create a background but make sure the colours are not too dark. If you are a non stitcher, you can bring pre-made items for printing on eg T-shirts, shopping bags, pillow slips - as long as they are, a light or bright colour and once again, 100% cotton. (T-shirts & shop bags do not need pre-washing)

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