Monday, 15 May 2017

Arbury Carnival Workshops

The Giants of Arbury Carnival.

The first year we did Arbury carnival, the theme was 'Musicals" and the Nunns Way Crew selected the Lion King.   Amongst all the other lovely costumes we made, Cary worked with the kids to make this lovely big lion.

The lion lived in a barn for a year and came out for the following carnival as ET - can't find any pictures at the moment so you'll have to trust me on this.

We are not sure where it spent the winter, but it arrived back in the workshop last spring and was transformed into a giant octopus. 

He/she(?) then took up residence on our kitchen sofa for a couple of months and drank lots of tea...!

It had one final outing, disguised as a spider at Ely Folk Festival and then graciously surrendered to the bonfire.

  In that time there have been other Arbury giants - the amazing giant robot,

 and the wonderful seagull made in consort with Dawn and  other folk from Arbury school

 This year we are working on something completely different.  I'm not saying what it is......  but you can find out by coming to Nunn's Way Pavilion Friday afternoons to help with the construction!  So that's every Friday afternoon, 3.00 - 5.00p.m. until the Carnival which is 10 June this year - not much time left!