Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I keep returning to these images of my beloved grandparents for my artwork.  This little quiltlet is printed on scraps of cloth which I dyed using various natural dyes and stitched onto a blanket.  You can probably tell from the close-up that I'm more of an embroiderer than a quiltmaker.  I like the tatty, worn look of the textiles although, thinking about it, my grandmother would probably have hated that. She liked things to be neat as a pin! (to use a textile metaphor).

Arbury carnival costumes, puppets

More from Arbury Carnival:

Fishy hats - (this one's Nemo) and Alfred Wallace style placard paintings

This year's giant!  It's an octopus!

Dawn, Cary and Hugh with lots of help made this seagull - currently having an emergency repair just before the parade!

Watch out for those chips!
Thanks to Karen from Kettles Yard for raising funds and being such a great hands on organiser.  And to my 2 co-artists - Sandra and Cary.  And to all the kids and parents who took part in the making and wearing and general blowing of bubbles!

Monday, 13 June 2016