Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Family Adams Project

This weekend is the project celebration at Littleport Village Hall. The exhibition which is open to the general public is on Sat 28 April 1.00- 4.00pm   and Sunday from 4.30 -6.00pm.  For details on the film and play see  FAP.  It will be an opportunity to see the archival book, the model, some of the photographs and of course some of the work done by the schools.

So this might be a good time to show some of the working process  in Millfield School  As you can see we spent some time looking at various artefacts found in the shop. The children did drawings of these objects and later they screen printed the banner.

I wish I had a  picture of the ring that goes through a pig's nose!

They also produced this banner for the play - some which is set in Cafe Marguerite
Project funded by the Heritage Lottery

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Travellers youth Club Banner

This  banner was made by the Travellors Youth Club during a special weeklong program run by Community Carts witchford travellors youth club . The colours were inspired by the flag and banner depicts Romany life - old and modern. The most popular image, I think, was the boxing glove symbol drawn by the 2 lads in the group to represent Earith Bridge.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fenland lacemakers workshop

Fenland Lacemakers fenlandlacemakers  - we did a print workshop to make covering cloths to protect their bobbin work.  They have taken much better photographs which are on their website see above link. Their pictures definately capture what a lot of fun we had.  Here is my somewhat more boring offering.  .  It was a most enjoyable evening!

Family Adams Project and Branching Out

This weekend I put up a display of the project work that I did with Branching Out in Littleport for the Family Adams Project.  In fact I put up the diplay on Saturday and when I went in on Monday morning it had all fallen off the window into a pile on the floor!  So - up it went again, this time with drawing pins instead of cellotape.  Anyway - it's now in the window of the Branching Out Charity Shop.

The clients from  Branching Out which is a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities did 2 workshops with the Family Adams Project. The first was to create costumes for paper figures in the style of what would have been worn in Littleport between 1910 and 1915. We looked at old photos of the village and everyone designed their own period outfit.  In the second workshop, we looked at various artefacts from Adams Ironmongers  and discussed how they would have been used, drew them and printed a banner. 

See our website for the Family Adams Project  This  project began with the closing of Adams Ironmongers in Littleport at Christmas last year. Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, ADEC and the Word Garden  the project  has grown as more and more of the shop's history has been revealed through stories, finding  tools and materials in the upstairs store, backrooms and barns. There are  logbooks, catalogues, account books, old skates, cart springs, blacksmith tools - the list goes on.  The celebration weekend with the community play will be on 28th and 29th April at Littleport Village Hall.

Banner - Branching Out Charity Shop

Period Costumes of Littleport, Branching Out Charity Shop.
see the website for free tickets or just come along on Sat afternoon to see the model, the archival book, the photographs and some of the work produced by the schools in Littleport

Friday, 13 April 2012

Street Child World Cup

 International day for Street Children.  Yesterday I had the great privelege of working with the Brazilian Street Child World Cup Team who are on a visit to Britain to raise awareness of the plight of street children worldwide. What a charming and polite group of young people! It's hard to imagine what very tough lives they have had. Thanks to Momentum arts for inviting me to take part in their program.  See   to see more about this inspiring project. And I encourage you to make a donation!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Screen Print Weekend at White House arts


And for anyone who would like to do a weekend of screen printing:

White HouseArts - Cambridge

Weekend of Screen Printing onto Textiles with Ricki Outis
19th and 20th May 2012 10am-4pm £110 inc. all printing inks and use of screens

Come along to this exciting workshop with a pile of plain fabrics and leave with colourful prints you can use for many months of sewing. If you don't like to stitch you can print on ready- made: T-shirts, bags, aprons etc. 

Emphasis is on the experimental, making paper, vilene and various filler stencils, which will be used with the screen to create bold and colourful prints on fabric. This is a great introductory session for anyone new to screen printing as well as for students who would like to develop existing printing skills. 

We will be using pigment based print inks, which are non-toxic, and A4 screens are provided for use during the weekend. (A short materials list will be issued on enrolment) 

 For more info and for details on booking click on
   White House Arts Courses

Youth Club T-shirts, backdrop

Firstly some plain and simple T-shirts I worked on with a  Community Carts Youth Club.  These are for the volunteers to wear.  Front and back views.  For more info on youth clubs and activities in the Fenland border areas of East Cambs see

And, on the subject of youth clubs - here is a preview of the hard hitting backdrop for the Sutton Youth Club's 'SADS" show - Teenage Explosion- SADS 2012 - designed and printed by the young people themselves, it's almost 4m wide and about 2.5m high. It took us 2 sessions and all hands on board to print.   The show is on the 6,7 and 8. July - don't miss it !

Monday, 2 April 2012

Cottenham exhibition

Debra's  beautiful jackets made from her screen printed and devore'd fabrics

Shirts made up from her printed fabrics - Debora

Felted scarves & slippers - Gill & Diana

Caroline C  -Fun range of screen printed fabrics

Fabrics from Betty showing both handcut and photographic screens

And a  photographic print of her granddaughter -Betty

Discharged and overpainted velvet - from the wonderful Betty

Tailored jacket made from her screen printed fabrics - Debora 

Lengths of cloth by Jean

And another from Jean

Lindy - dyed, transfer printed, stitched, cut - everything!

Philip's frogs!

And more from Philip

Sarah's printing shirt - gets more and more covered every year!

A tablecloth from Sarah

Jane's  nuno felt

And David' sl prints! see more of his prints at his exhibition at St Neots museum!
Here are  pictures from the exhibition of work done by very talented and hard working students who have done various textile classes with me at Cottenham village college.  Well done everyone!   It was an exciting and diverse display with lots of really inspiring work.