Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Lode Star Festival 2015

This year Cary and I ran a workshop at the Lode Star Festival to create Moon and Star lanterns. It was fun even though the wind made it a challenging day. Luckily the wind completely disappeared, just in time for the Lantern Parade across the site.  Accompanied by the Arco Iris Samba band   from Cambridge it was a magical event.  

And we met so many lovely  people who came to make lanterns!

And Phoebe Monk   who organised the parade as well as various other things at the festival had this idea to hang the lanterns up around the site so that the audience would see them as they left the main arena at the end of the evening.  Wish I'd had the energy to stay that late myself!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kite Making was Epic!

As you can see by this comments feedback board we had a very good Family Learning Day - making kites and printing T-shirts on Saturday at Cottenham Village College!  and some delicious aromas from the cake baking group!