Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Screen Printed Textiles Class at Cottenham Summer School 2016

T-shirt using discharge and overprinting

Sarah R - abundant flowers

I love teaching screen printing at Cottenham Summer School.  Actually to say 'teach' might be a bit of an exaggeration because the students really drive the direction of course. So, in many ways I think of it as a studio week.  Those who need to learn the basics can do so and those who know what they want to do, just get on with it.  Many students come back year after year, and each time, they just get better at design and print.

For some people it's an opportunity to experiment and see what happens serendipitously with the print process.  Other people like the accuracy and precise layering and they work hard to achieve that.

Over the week, everyone is encouraged to work in their own style and students are shown techniques that will enable that to happen.

Marian's Circles, using thermofax

Simple but elegant design using paper stencils

Wish the photo was of the whole 3 metres! - David's cloth

Annabel- experimental markmaking

Sue printing through Japanese papers

Sian - folk art tea towels

Betty - using filler to create brushy strokes

And here is Jane wearing an outfit she made from David's fabric

And on the subject of clothing, Jean G made this top from fabric she colour blocked at last year's Summer School

And this year she tried a more expressive version of colour blocking.
Some action shots - Jean J printing beautiful flowers in  tonal colours
And Sarah R going wild with pattern.

And Nicola's bird prints have been selected for a wildlife art show in London- Hooray.  After all that complex registration!