Saturday, 6 August 2011

Carnival Skirts - recycled......

Thsi time it's at Melbourn Village college Activity Week- that's right the teenagers....... but this time the project focussed on links between the college and the older residents at Vicarage Close Sheltered housing.

Once again - I am relying heavily on Kirsten's excellent stART collision carnival photos at the stART website and while you're there check out what other activites are planned stART- you may want to join in!

Most of the young people made their costumes out of card. It was interesting to see how differently they approached them from the infants at Linton. The secondary school young people were really interested in structure - developing and extending out from their card collars making some really imaginative and in some cases quite humorous costumes.

I managed to get a great big bag of selvedge edges which the girls used to make these great hooped skirts - I got them from the newly opened scrapstore in March ( The place not the month) Fenland Scrapstore  This is a  new resource started by Atelier East - it's well worth a visit - they've got a really great selection of amazing stuff.

Also Cary built a proper aluminium carnival backback which a couple of the lads attached giant eyeballs on stalks to.

We made a lot of costumes _ I think I worked with about 130 young people over 2 days and during that time we also took a small group of the young people to do a workshop with the senior citizens at the sheltered housing scheme.

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