Saturday, 6 August 2011

Collision carnival _ Milton Country Park

This was the big event- where all the carnival groups came together at Park Life, in Milton Country Park. Looking through my photos - I realise I've got lots of lovely images but I'm trying to choose ones that don't show small children's faces because of permissions.  Suffice to say it was an exhuberant, happy, noisy parade. The sun came out despite a threatening weather forecast. Sandra Scott sandra scott and I ran a workshop on the day and made lots more costumes with children and their parents so that they could join the parade. Andy O Hanlan made some kind of crazy vuvuzela - like horn from drinks cans with kids and they managed en mass to produce a phenominal racket with them.
The stilt walkers were there, there were some drums, some fabulous masks made by mask-maker William Tombs................

and then we dismantled all the giant puppets - after all where do you store such a thing? It's a good thing - we'll have to make new ones next time.

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