Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sewing flags

Sandra Scott came over for a day and we sewed up the flags. sandrascotttextileartist   Check out her blog to see the wonderful work she does. And especially her very moving Alzheimer's quilt.

   Cary and I went down to Luton to deliver the flags and found ourselves helping to finish the construction of the backpacks. It was one of those mad last minute workouts well into the night with other volunteers. We felt like we knew them very well by the end of the evening although we'd only met that day! There were quite a few different carnival groups all making their costumes, using the workshops, working in the storerooms, in the hall, in the passageway. When we went to watch the Luton carnival the next day, we really felt that we'd been part of  making it happen- very exciting despite the rain. luton carnival

Then, Strawberry fair parade...................

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