Monday, 17 October 2011

Isleham School curtains

I thought it's time I uploaded some pics of some recent school & community arts projects.  These are images from a project I worked on with Isleham School.  The school wanted some curtains to cover open storage areas in the classrooms. The class had been working on a Fenland theme  and we used this as our starting point. Each curtain had a different focus - traditional tools and implements, wildlife on land, and wildlife under water. The class did a good amount of preparatory work befor I came in - looking at museum artefacts, nature and doing sketches. On the day, they drew their images up to the correct size. We looked at how we could simplify drawings and the children ( 10 & 11 yr olds) cut out their pictures and screen printed them on the curtains.

I was really impressed with the standard of work!  Well done to all who took part - young people, teachers- the wonderful Mrs Chapman and TA's   Isleham school

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