Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Family Adams Project

This weekend is the project celebration at Littleport Village Hall. The exhibition which is open to the general public is on Sat 28 April 1.00- 4.00pm   and Sunday from 4.30 -6.00pm.  For details on the film and play see  FAP.  It will be an opportunity to see the archival book, the model, some of the photographs and of course some of the work done by the schools.

So this might be a good time to show some of the working process  in Millfield School  As you can see we spent some time looking at various artefacts found in the shop. The children did drawings of these objects and later they screen printed the banner.

I wish I had a  picture of the ring that goes through a pig's nose!

They also produced this banner for the play - some which is set in Cafe Marguerite
Project funded by the Heritage Lottery

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