Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Another project I worked on this summer -Jubilation!  This was a project organised by Gilly Vose of the Norris Museum in St Ives (Norris) and funded by the St Ives Town Council ( hooray for them, in a time when arts funding is being cut by councils all over) see their facebook page St Ives facebook

Gilly led the reminiscence sessions for this project.  Young people from St Ivo School and museum volunteers spoke to people who attend the day centres in St Ives about their memories of the coronation and other public celebrations from the period.  The focus was a festive tea table and the delicious, strawberry jelly which Gilly made!

Then - the screen print sessions. The young people worked with the older people to translate their memories and stories into images which we screen printed on the banners. They were hung in the corn exchange for the jubilee weekend celebrations and again for the heritage week So here they are in red white and blue - of course!

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