Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Australasia Art Primary Textiles

Last term I was asked to do this project at Duxford Primary School.  7 Primary Schools in the area do a special day which they call "Worldwide and Wonderful".  Each school hosts a year group from all the other schools and each school has a theme from somewhere in the world.  So at Duxford, it was year 3 children, the theme was Australasia and we wanted to make some big banners which involved as many children as possible and which could easily be transported around the different schools for a flexible display in the months  that followed.  And it all had to happen in a day.........

So here are the banners.  The "dot painting" circles obviously referenced Australian Aborigonal paintings but they also symbolised the coming together of all the children from the 7 schools on that day and the connections that linked them as they worked together.

Each group had a different animal name to identify them during the day and so we used those animals as the theme for the banners

All in alll there were 6 banners- that's a lot of spots for a single day!

That's me spraying them with flame bar

See Stapleford school's websites for their report on this wonderful day :  Stapleford Sch

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