Thursday, 12 September 2013

Big Feet Little Feet

Introducing the Thongsley Giant!!!

Waiting anxiously for his big entry to the carnival parade....

And after the applause!

In repose after the event

   And here are some details of the felted landscapes made by the children and their parents which made up the giant's cloak:

And this is his skeleton :

 He has become a much loved member of the school!

I worked with Key Stage 1 children and their parents over several weeks to make our gorgeous giant  and other carnival costumes.

Sandra and Mel Scott also made lots of wonderful costumes with the families including tie dye and tasssels and other sparkly things and Jo ran the  Samba section. See  sandra's blog for our 'team portrait' 

 In preparation for the Giant's carnival we did lots of research on giants, we read books about giants; we made books and wrote our own giant stories;  we drew tiny giants, projected them up on the wall and measured them; we  created great big giants on the floor with strips of fabric and the children lay down next to them to compare sizes.  

This was all part of the wonderful Big Feet Little Feet family learning project  at Thongsley Fields Primary School.  

Big Feet Little Feet is a Natural High project .

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