Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Cottenham Summer School 2018


Great news: Cottenham Summer School brochures are out.  This year there are some fab new courses as well as some old favourites.  There's journal making, calligraphy, quilting, sewing of all persuasions and some great cooking courses.


As you know, Screen Printing on Fabric (Spectacular Screen Printing) usually books up really quickly.  There are still  places, but don't leave it too long.....  contact

 There are 3 unique things about Screen Printing at Summer School which which make it really special:

a) We have LOTS of space - We have the use of 2 laboratory classrooms.  So, there are only 6 people in each room and each student gets their own 'studio' space.

b) A whole week!  Yes, a whole week - you can get a lot done in a whole week.

c) It's a really supportive, friendly community of learners.  We have lots of laughter and fun.

You can leave your work out overnight and dive straight back into it the next day - no packing up or having to finish at home.

And this means that you can really focus on developing your work from design through to print.   

So - what can you expect?   Our main focus is on handmade screen stencils in this course - using papers, screen fillers (some unusual fillers)  and found objects.  From there you can take your work in different directions:
-you can develop pictorial or graphic patterns and prints from drawings or reference material 
-you can explore more experimental texture and layering techniques using the screen for mono or multiple printing.

As a tutor, my goal is to help you develop your own style so that each person will come out with something different and personal, whether you are a beginner or have some experience with printing.

You can make fabrics to sew, to hang on the wall, tablecloths, bed linen.  You can print T-shirts, cushion covers, aprons....the world is your oyster.  for more details see the course brochure: Spectacular Screen Printing

And after all that, if you are still uncertain, scroll back through this blog to see some of the truly amazing work done by Summer School students in the past.

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