Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cottenham summer School Screen Print

These are some of the truly fabulous fabrics printed by student on my course at Screen Print Summer School at Cottenham Village College this year.  I have a strong belief that teaching is all about encouraging each person to develop their own style and I think that these prints really do show that.  Everyone in the class, without exception,  did really wonderful work this year.  These are just some examples:
Debra - photographic screen from her own drawings
Adi - exploring design
Ann's swans - tricky registration!


A selection of Debra's prints in a pile

David's tree print -A clever alternating of 2 screens to get that long trunk

This is Jean's workstation - lots of room, lots of printing!

I think this was done by the "other Jean"

Other Jean and it's a vilene stencil print taking design into a more serendipitous realm

Photoprint of little drawings

And  a fishy print on paper and on fabric


I can't remember who did this one but I like it!

Nicola, creating yardage- looking forward to seeing her wearing this!

Very delicate print from Jean

And Jean again

Sarah & Aika - swapping and sharing screens

Sarah's Africa series

And sarah's kitchen series

Sarah and Debra wearing their prints that made last year - fabulous!

I have no idea who made this but it's simple and charming

Aika made a series of variations on this theme, using different colours for each set

Ann - inspired by Newmarket, screen made by drawing with filler
Well done everyone who took part - your work is absolutely inspirational!   If you are interested in trying out screen printing on textiles I will be running 2 screen print days - both Saturdays at Cottenham VC   see their program at this link
 cvc Saturdays

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