Thursday, 9 January 2014

Simple screen print quilt

It's been very cold and draughty in my attic studio lately so I've resorted to doing some hand stitching in the cosiness of the telivision room.  Yes, I'm afraid I've been watching a lot of telly....  

For a long time I've been wanting to explore ways that stitch screen print ineract.  I love to do both but I don't often work with them together.

So, I screen printed these very simple squares on to calico using the most basic cut and torn paper stencils. 

  Then I set myself the task of stitching each square with a different stitch design.  Initially I thought I would really ladle on the decoration but as it progresses I've decided that it works best with very simple stitches - straight stitch, cross stitch and the odd french knot.  

I have padded it with some cotton flannel but  I am an embroiderer rather than a quilter...  the padding does means that it keeps me nice and warm while I'm working on it.  I still have many hours of television to go before it will be finished!

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