Monday, 20 January 2014

Stitched Photo Transfer Banners

I know I've blogged about these before but these banners are finally going up in the Norris museum- the place where the project first started. They'll be on tour to different museums in the region over the next 2 years.  a special mention goes to the girls from The Ivo school who took part in the project.

Here is the Norris invitation:

Our new exhibition, ‘Trading Stories’, opens tomorrow until 22nd March and invites you to recall the crafts, shops, trades and tools of the past...

For most of human history, making things by hand has been the norm.  The names of the tools used and the talents and skills needed for different crafts and trades were passed from one generation to the next.   The tools of these trades are often carefully crafted pieces of art in themselves and a wide variety are on show.  In particular the display focuses on the tools used and baskets made by the Harrison family of St Ives, who grew willow and wove baskets in the town for over 200 years. Unique and lasting, these handmade objects seem to contain something of the spirit and personality of their makers in the way that mass-produced items never will.
This exhibition also features textile art work, created by talented Year 9 pupils from St Ivo School. 
In workshops led by artist Ricki Outis, students researched and created wall hangings to depict different trades.  They used a variety of techniques, including using light sensitive fabric onto which archive photographs and drawings were developed, screen printing and different forms of stitching and appliqué work to produce a truly beautiful result.
Trading collage.jpg

‘Trading Stories’ was produced in collaboration with the Fens Museum Partnership as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded and Arts Council Funded Fenland Lives and Land programme. To find out more about this project visit

Opening hours:   Monday to Saturday, 10am – 4pm Admission FREE

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