Monday, 10 March 2014

Amnesty banner

 A cause close to my heart at Saturdays' regional conference

So , here's why- and I quote from Amnesty's info:

Push-backs are collective expulsions of a group of people without making an assessment of the circumstances of each person. This practice puts lives of people, including children, at risk and is against the law. People described how their inflatable boats were rammed or knifed, or how they nearly capsized while they were being towed or circled by a Greek coastguard boat. Almost every person who claimed to have been pushed back said that they either experienced or witnessed violence and ill-treatment. They reported being slapped and beaten. Their belongings were taken away, or thrown into the sea.
The alarming number of testimonies collected by Amnesty International suggests that push-back practices are regularly employed by the Greek border police and coastguards.

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